Resolution A043


Subject: Partners in Mission/Eco-Justice Committees

Moved by: The Most Rev. Colin Johnson, Diocese of Toronto

Seconded by: Chancellor David P. Jones, Diocese of Edmonton

Be it resolved by General Synod that:

1. Section 39B a) ii) of the Constitution be amended to read “Partners in Mission” and Section 39B a) vi) be added to read “Public Witness for Social and Ecological Justice Committee”, and

2. Confirm the terms of reference adopted by the Council of General Synod for these two committees.

Source: The Council of General Synod

Submitted by: The Council of General Synod

Does this motion contain within it any financial implications?      Yes     No X

If yes, has the General Synod Expenditures Committee considered the implications?   Yes    No


The Partners in Mission and Ecojustice Committee were formerly two separate committees. They were amalgamated by General Synod in June 2007.  Experience has shown that the two mandates are really separate, and it would be appropriate for there to be two separate committees, each with its particular focus.


In accordance with section 11 b) of the Declaration of Principles, the Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority of each Order voting at one session of General Synod.

Note: an amendment to any section of the Constitution which has its origin in the Declaration of Principles must be consistent with the Principle concerned.