Resolution A040


Subject: Changes to References in the Constitution

Moved By: Chancellor David P. Jones,  Diocese of Edmonton

Seconded By: The Venerable Harry Huskins,  Diocese of Algoma

Be it resolved that  this General Synod

amend the Constitution as follows:

1. in section 33 e) iii), change “In” to “in”;

[typographical error]

2. in section 33 f) iii), change the reference to “subsection 33 a) viii)” to “subsection 33 a) vii)”;

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3. in section 39 a) vi), change the name of the “Philanthropy Committee” to “Resources for Mission Committee”;

[COGS March 2011]

4. in section 39 a), after vi) add “vii) Anglican Journal Committee”;

[COGS November 2011]

5. in section 39 g), replace paragraph iv) with the following:

“iv) the national communications director of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.”

[COGS May 2012]

6. in section 39, after g) add

“h)  The Anglican Journal Committee shall consist of the members of the Communications and Information Resources Committee sitting as the Anglican Journal Committee plus one additional member appointed by the Primate from the membership of the Anglican Editors’ Association (AEA).”

and re-letter the following paragraphs accordingly;

[COGS May 2012]

Source: The Handbook Concerns Committee

Submitted By: The Council of General Synod

Does this motion contain within it any financial implications?      Yes     No X

If yes, has the General Synod Expenditures Committee considered the implications?   Yes    No



In accordance with section 11 b) of the Declaration of Principles, an amendment to the Constitution must be approved by a two-thirds majority in each Order is required.

Note: an amendment to any section of the Constitution which has its origin in the Declaration of Principles must be consistent with the Principle concerned.