Planning Committees

Joint Assembly Planning Committee

Anglican Lutheran
The Most Rev. Fred Hiltz, Primate, Co-Chair Bishop Susan Johnson, National Bishop, Co-Chair
The Very Rev. Peter Wall, Co-Chair Anglican Lutheran Joint Commission Bishop Michael Pryse, Co-Chair Anglican Lutheran Joint Commission
The Ven. Dr. Michael Thompson, General Secretary
Ms. Dianne Izzard, Assistant to the General Secretary
Ms. Gloria McNabb, Director, Finance & Administration

The General Synod Planning Committee

The Most Rev. Fred Hiltz Primate (Ex-officio)
The Ven. Dr. Michael Thompson General Secretary
The Very Rev. Peter Wall Chair
The Rev. Canon Catherine Ascah Joint Worship Committee, ACC Co-Chair
Canon Robert Falby Prolocutor
The Rev. Chris Harper ACIP Representative
Ms. Dianne Izzard General Synod Coordinator
Mr. Jamie Tomlinson Joint Local Arrangements Committee, ACC Co Chair
Ms. Laura Walton 2016 Representative, Diocese of Toronto

Joint Worship Planning Committee

 Anglican Lutheran
The Rev. Canon Catherine Ascah, Co-chair The Rev. Eric Dyck, Co-Chair
The Rev. Kevin Flynn The Rev. Mark Ehlebracht
Ms. Dianne Izzard Ms. Gloria McNabb
Ms. Martha Tatarnic Mr. Rob Wilson
The Very Rev. Peter Wall (JWPC Liaison)

Joint Local Arrangements Committee

Mr. Jamie Tomlinson Anglican Co-Chair
Ms. Carol Christensen Lutheran Co-Chair
Ms. Mary Frances Bell Registration (Lutheran)
The Rev. Beth Bretzlaff Banquet
Mr. Rick Durrett Head Usher
Ms. Carol Fairbrother Volunteer Coordinator
Mr. Michael Herbert Treasurer
Mr. Fred Michel Transportation
Mr. Earl Roberts Registration (Anglican)
Mr. Steve Thornton Head Steward
Ms. Debbie Trickey Hospitality