The Council of General Synod 2010-2013

Primate  (Chair) The Most. Rev. Fred Hiltz
Prolocutor Canon Robert Falby
Deputy Prolocutor The Ven. Dr. Harry Huskins
Chancellor Canon David Jones
Vice-Chancellor Ms. Ann Bourke
General Secretary (ex-officio) The Ven. Dr. Michael Pollesel  (Nov. 10-Mar. 11)
The Ven. Dr. Michael Thompson (Nov. 11 to present)
Chaplain The Rt. Rev. Tom Morgan (Nov. 10-Nov. 11)
Sr. Elizabeth Rolfe-Thomas (May 12 to present)

Elected Members

Province of Canada

Bishop The Rt. Rev. Dennis Drainville
Clergy The Very Rev. Josiah Noel
Lay Ms. Cynthia Haines-Turner
Mrs. Susan Winn
Youth Mr. Felix Cote-Gaudreau (Nov. 10-May 12)
Ms. Fiona Morrison (Nov. 12 to present)

Province of Ontario

Bishop The Most Rev. Colin Johnson
Clergy The Ven. Lynn Marchant (Nov. 11 to present)
The Ven. Dr. Lynne McNaughton
Lay Mr. Ron Chaplin
Ms. Katie Scarlett MacGillivray
Youth Ms. Brianna Locke

Province of Rupert’s Land

Bishop The Rt. Rev. Greg Kerr-Wilson
Clergy The Rev. Chris Harper (Nov. 10 – May 12)
The Rev. Canon Terry Leer (Nov. 12 – present)
The Rev. Canon Gene Packwood
Lay Mrs. Verna Firth
Mr. Peter Kitchekesik
Mr. Jonathan Sinnatamby (to Feb. 13)
Youth Ms. Deborah Gibbon

Province of British Columbia and Yukon

Bishop The Rt. Rev. James Cowan
Lay Canon Dr. Randall Fairy
Dr. Lela Zimmer
Youth Ms. Melissa Green


Anglican Military Ordinariate of Canada LCol the Rev. Michelle L. Staples


Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples The Ven. Sidney Black
The Rev. Gloria Moses (Nov. 10)
The Rev. Norman Casey (May 11 to present)
The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada The Rev. Doug Reble


The Episcopal Church Mrs. Martha Gardner
Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund Representative The Rev. David Pritchard